Vcall fitness tracker is one of the best fitness tracker with stylish look available in the market, which is manufactured by Vcall and marketed by famous marketer Hi-Eshop. This best fitness tracker is a hand wearable wrist bracelet with color variation.
Vcall best fitness tracker is latest pedometer that counts your every walking step. It also tracks your walking distance. Not only this, Vcall fitness tracker enough smart to calculate calories that you burned through walking and workout. Steps taken at the very beginning activity will not be shown instantly till your steps are getting stable.
On the other hand Vcall fitness tracker can work as a sleep monitor also. This fitness tracker can collect information about your sleep like your sleeping time, quality of sleep etc.
Vcall best fitness tracker never lets you down because it has notification push up system. This fitness tracker gradually prompts you by vibration when there are any notifications pending, you will not miscue any imperative phone calls.

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